The Carving Group meets every Monday in each month at 9:30am at the Guild's Workshop. Members of our Carving Group enjoy a range of carving interests; sculptural, relief carving, abstract work, driftwood designs, Maori and European patterns etc. We work with all the tools; carving chisels, carving knives and power carving tools. Members, and also the Guild's Wood Officer, can help with wood supply for new projects. The workshop is well equiped with several different bandsaws which members can use to cut out the wood when starting a new design.


Monthly meetings

The Carving Group meetings are listed in our Guild Brochure . The workshop has several carving benches fitted with vices for the carvers to work on their separate projects. We have a good set of chisels which new members can use until they start buying their own equipment.

Experience is shared

Our carvers are always sharing ideas, patterns, finishing techniques, and helping each other to develop good skills.


Bethlehem Primary School Carving Project

In 2019 we were asked to work with four children from Bethlehem Primary School & take them through a project to carve two Totara posts which will be mounted in a classroom garden.

Members' recent works

Maori carving design completed by Frazer Pengelly in 2019.


Relief Carving completed in 2018 by Tom Coomber.

Sculptural carving completed in 2018 by Phil Hansen.