Workshop rules

Workshop rules

1. No member may use any machine in the Guild's workshop without one other competent member being present.

2. All persons using Guild machinery must feel comptetent to do so and must take full responsibility for their actions.

3. If members are uncertain in any way they must seek advice and assistance from a competent Guild member before switching on any machine.

4. If any member who sees another member using a machine in a way that seems unsafe they must ask the Operator to stop what they are doing and discuss what is being done.

5. If you make a mess, clear it up and take it away with you.

6. Leave everything the way you would wish to find it, or better.

7. AGE RESTRICTION: 10 years old is the minimum age for using hand tools and 12 years old is the minimum age for using power tools in the Guild's rooms.

8. Every child working with tools in the Guild's Workshop must wear eye proection - safety glasses or face masks.