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Our Hints & Tips


There are many helpful hints and tips available on the Intenet and via Youtube videos. We have created a series of pdf files of hints and tips which have helped our members and these can be accessed by opening any of the links in our list,

If you have any other general hints and tips on any aspect of woodworking please send them to our Webmaster.

Biscuit joiner

Safety and Measuring Hints

Segmented bottle holders

Dowel storage rack

Workshop Tips

Table saw adjustments

Dust extraction tips

Jig hints February 2013

Table saw tips

Eccentric turning

Saw bench Aids

Tool storage projects

Get the most out of your planer

Handy Measuring Tips

Turning a captured ring

Improving power and performance

Dust extraction

Turning a suspended bowl

Inside out turning

Make your workshop comfortable

Turning a tazza

Making your own inlay banding

Shelving Hints

Walnut oil and circle jig

More turning tips

Lathe turning tips

Woodturners fear factor

Router tips

Get the most out of your chisels

Woodworking tips/1

Safety with bandsaws

October 2013 Shelves etc

Woodworking tips/2

Scroll saw barnyard project

Finishing Techniques Nov 2013

Table saw Mitre Jig

Scroll saw tips/1

Touching up router bits

Making safe working aides

Scroll saw tips/2

January 2014 general tips

Handy Hints July 2012

Scroll saw tips/3

Feb 2014 general hints

Several Router hints August 2012

Scroll saw tips/4

Garage Makeover March 2014

Securing your work tips 2012

Scroll saw tips/5

Mitre saw tips April 2014

Safety Hints October 2012

Scroll saw tips/6

Band/table & skill saw hints

Knockdown sawhorse Nov 2012

Router tips 2014

Band saw hints 2014

Lathe turning tips Aug 2014

Organise your shop 2014

Router tips October 2014

Stress management in timber

Cutting good grooves

Router tips 2015

Biscuit Jointing Feb 2015

Circular saw tips March 2015

Handy hints April 2015

Router tips and Breadboard making

Clamping knowhow

Decorating a bowl

Router tips July 2015

Threaded needle case

Selby's sanding tips

Cubes in a sphere

Circle cutting jig

Turning a Tulip-Jan 2016

Fridge Magnets Feb 2016

Jacob von Holzen's Marquetry Tips