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Index to our Book & Magazine Library & Online Videos

Our Guild has an extensive library of books, magazines and videos on every aspect of woodcrafting skills, including galleries of completed products, plans for a wide range of projects, ways and means etc.

Our librarian - Merv Griffin' - administers our collection in a purpose made area in the workshop lunchroom.





Online Videos

How to woodturn a Sphere

Woodturning an Eye

Turning a Walnut Bowl with a Diamond Pattern

Turning an 8 Ball from a chunk of Walnut

Bandsawing basic shapes for Sculpture Carving

Carving an Eye

How to make a violin

3D Printing

5 axis Router

Lasers for Engraving

Liebherr Climbing excavator

Human pile driving in Thailand

Frank Howarth

Frank Howath

Frank Howath

Frank Howath

Ian Norbury

Ian Norbury

Colin Allison


Bandsaw Pattern Book

Mark & Gene Duginske


Carpentry in New Zealand

Carpentry for beginners

New Zealand Home Carpentry

Department of Education

Charles H Hayward

N.Z. News papers


Carving Large Birds

Celtic Carved Love Spoons

Creative Carving

Carving Spoons

Classic Designs for Woodcarving

Design & Figure Carving

Letter Carving in Wood

Maori Carving

The Art of Maori Carvings

The Book of Woodcarving

Treasury of Woodcarving Designs

Origins of Modern Sculpture

The Technique of wood Sculpture

Woodcarving Designers Note Book



Woodcarving for beginners

Wood Carving Concepts & Projects

Woodcarvers Pattern &Design Book

Woodcarving Techniques

Bill Dehos & Patrick Spielman

Sharon Littley& Clive Griffin

Donna. Z. Meilach

Shirley Adler

Rihard Adam Dabroski


Chris Pye


Sidney M Mead

Charles Marshall Sayers

Alan & Gill Bridgewater

Albert E.Elsen

Chain Gross

James E.Seitz

Alan Durst

Percy W. Blandford

Charles Graveney

Len Gale


Sunset Books


Decorative Wood Inlay

Zachary Taylor

NZ Native Timbers

New Zealand Timbers of New Zealand

New Zealand Timbers

Tree People Forest Service Memoirs

Woodworking with New Zealand Timbers



J. Halkett, P. Berg, & B. Mackrell

Mike McDermott


Toys & Modelling

Blizzard's Action Toys

Guide to Making Wooden Toys That Move

Making Heirloom Toys

Making Marvelous Wood Toys

Making Wooden Toys

Making Model Horse Drawn Vehicles

Making Geogian Doll’s Houses

Making Period Doll’s House Furniture

Make your Own Wooden Toys

Make Your Own Wooden Toys

More of Blizzards Wooden Toys

Simple Toys

Wildlife Toys in Wood

Wooden Toys That You Can Make

Wood on Wheels 1995

Woodworking Patterns1990

Richard Blizzard

Alan & Gill Bridgewater

Jim Makowicki

Tim & Tom Lynn

Richard Blizzard

John Thompson

Derek Rowbottom

Derek& Sheila Rowbottom

Marshall Cavendish

Jeff Burke,Fiona Neville,

Richard Blizzard

Colin & Ann Carlson

Lee Lindeman & Pat Harste


Kevin Mc Guire


Artistic Woodturning

A Beginners Guide to Woodturning

Beginner’s Guide to Woodturning

Master Woodturners

Masterful Woodturning Projects

Modern Wood Turning

Multi-centre Woodturning

The Manual of Woodturning

The Woodturners Bible

Practical Designs for Woodturning

The Practical Woodturner

Spindle Turning

Small and Exciting Woodturning Projects

The Art of Turned Bowls

The Craftsman Woodturner

Turning Wood

Woodturning Manual of techniques

Woodturning Techniques

Woodturning in New Zealand

Woodturning Wizardry

Dale L Nish

South Auckland Woodturners

Gordon Stokes

Dale L Nish

S Gary Roberts

Gordon Stokes

Ray Hopper

Gordon Stokes

Gordon Stokes

Roland Seale

F. Pain

Guild of Master Craftsmen

James A Jacobson

Richard Raffan

Peter Child

Richard Raffan

Hugh O’Neill

Woodturning Magazine

Brian Massey

David Springett

Wood Projects

Adventures in Wood Finishing

Better Homes & Gardens

Bending Wood

Children's Furniture

Contemporary Design in Woodworking

Creative Projects for the Home

Guide to care & repair of Furniture

Knowing & restoring Antique Furniture

Making Country Rustic Wood Projects

Making Unusual Miniatures

Old Furniture

Practical Guide to Woodworking

The Encycopedia of Woodworking

The Woodworkers Handbook

The Woodworkers Book of Kitchen Utensils

52 Country Projects for the Woodworker

Woodworking in Theory & Practice

Woodworkers Manual


Woodwoking Projects 1

Woodcraft Basic Concepts & Skills

Woodworking projects for the Home

Woodworking the New Wave

George Frank

Murdoch Books

Fine Woodworking

Sunset Books


Murdoch Books

Desmond Gaston

Eigil & Frimer

Patrick Spielman

Graham Spalding

Nancy A Smith

Alan&Gill Bridgewater

Jeremy Broun

Roger Horwood

Vance Studley

John A Nelson

John AWalton

Albert Jackson& David Day

Frank Wilkins

Sunset Books

Thelma R Newman


Donna Z Meilach


Finishing for Woodturners

Natural Edged & Hollow Forms

Twists & Advanced Turning

Turning Classic Profiles

Colouring Wood

Working with Driftwood & off Centre Turning

Natural Edge,Branch wood & Platters

Use of Alternative Materials

Working with defects in Wood

Tool Sharpening

Sanding and Finishing

Bowl Design

Kawerau Woodfest 2009

3 sided hollow form

Spiral lidded box

Shop test of the Rotomount

Midas Antipodean adventures in Woodturning

Instructional for the Tormek Sharpening System

Instructional Guide to Hollowing Tools

Chris Stott VO 10

Chris Stott VO 18

Dennis White VO 19

Dennis White VO 20

Jan Saunders

Jim Manley VO 13

Jim Manley VO 12

Jim Manley VO14


Jim Manley VO 11




Robbie Graham VO 15 & 16


Robbie Graham

Terry Scott



VHS Tapes

Finishing for Woodturners

Natural edge, branch wood & platters

Working with driftwood & off centreTurning

Use of alternative materials

The Kelton Bowl saver

The Kelton Hollower

Spiral Lidded Box

3 Sided Hollow Forms

Instructions for bowl saver

Chris Stott VO 11

Jim Manley VO 12

Jim Manley VO 13

Jim Manley VO 14

Kel Mc Naughton

Kel Mc Naughton

Robbie Graham

Robbie Graham



Australian Woodworker

NZ Creative Wood

Woodturning (UK)

Wood carving (UK)

Bi Monthy



Bi monthly